6 co-workers in an escape room....chaos lol. We had sooooo much fun!!! We have never done one of these before and we are so glad we tried one. It was thrilling! A must do for anyone and everyone.

                               -Emily (Michigan City)

Delightfully Different

I came with my family of 7 and was a bit leary at first. Then the countdown timer began and the suspense kicked in. Adrenaline was pumping and we were all over the place trying to figure out all the different locks and puzzles. We had to kill some time before a movie and this was the perfect option. Can't wait for their second room to open!

                                                 -Jill (LaPorte)

Just What Michigan City Needed!!!

I have been waiting for an Escape Room Game in Michigan City. I have been to others in the area and beat them all so I was looking for another challenge. I went with 4 members of my football team and we barley won. Definitely got our money's worth. We will be back!

                                              -Alex ( Michigan City)

A Wonderful Expierence

I played with some of my girlfriends before we went to Blue Chip and we had so much fun. We aren't the brightest crayons in the box, but we did escape! I Loved the decor and theme. The super friendly staff and 100% loved playing the game. We were all laughing at each other trying to figure out the clues. I highly recommend this to everyone. It's just 1 hour out of your day, you won't regret it!

                                  -Kelly (Chesterton)


Been to a few of these now and this one definitely has some differences. Great Differences. Without giving it away, I will say I loved the blend of old school game play with new school game play. There's items in there for the older generation as well as my teenagers. We had a great time. I may come back again with some coworkers for team building. Not to hard but not to easy either. A beautiful blend. 

                                                -Rick (Portage)

Love IT!!!!!

omg. We came here having no idea what to expect or what to do. I can not express how much FUN this was. It was not at all what I was expecting. When my friend told me about this my first reaction was "meh whatever" but then I came with a group and we played. There was so much to do and find. It felt like we were in there 10 minutes but we were actually in the for 57 minutes! Time flew by and that's how you know you are having fun. 


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