Agents, we have a problem. We believe there is a traitor among us. One of your fellow agents has stolen highly classified intelligence. The defector intends to sell top-secret government files to a crime syndicate. These files contain pertinent information about all of our spies and their true identities. With this information, the syndicate can destroy our agency and eliminate our families. The Agency has received Intel that this double agent plans to sell our vital secrets to the highest bidder at this safe house within the next hour. Your covert mission is to infiltrate the safe house and intercept the sale. Your team needs to expose the traitor’s identity, recover the stolen files and escape the safe house to save our Agency. Good Luck Agents! 

How Hard Is It?

Fun for family and friends and those who have never attempted a room. No outside knowledge required.  No Minimum Age. Great for first-timers!

Rating or Generation

More than just padlocks. Some Tech, Symbols, Ciphers, Codes and Secret Compartments. 85% Success Rate

$25 per person - 8 players maximum

Blackbeard's Revenge - NOW OPEN!!!


The notorious Pirate Ship “Blackbeard’s Revenge” has been confiscated and the crew arrested. With Captain Blackbeard’s last breath, He summoned Black Magic to place a Curse on his most prized possession, The Ancient Aztec Treasure of Cortés. Authorities have searched the ship but have been scared away by threats of the Cursed Treasure. Rumors persist that there is undiscovered treasure still aboard but no one that has searched for it has lived to tell the tale. All men who touch the treasure spend their afterlife in Davy Jones’s Locker. We have heard a tale of a way to break the Curse. Legend states that if the remaining Gold of the Aztec Treasure of Cortés is returned by Sundown on this very day, the Curse will be lifted and the Treasure Shall be Yours. Arrrrr Ye Ready for an Adventure?!

How Hard Is It?

This is a more challenging room and we suggest coming with a group of 4 or more . No outside knowledge required. This room is great for more experienced players.  

Rating or Generation

More Technology, Interaction Required Puzzles, Advanced Game Play. Estimated Success Rate - 50% Recommended for Ages 16+

This room will be more challenging than our other room. Younger Children may find this room not as exciting as our first room. This room will have less items to find and more thinking required. Children may be bored.

$25 per person - 6 players maximum