We Can Accommodate You!

Company Team Building

Everyone can participate regardless of skill, age, or athletic ability. Teams are aligned toward a shared purpose and goal. Our mission encourages shared problem solving and team idea generation. Team achievements and milestones are celebrated together.   

 Improves productivity. 

Improves relationships.  

Improves communication:  

Want A Birthday To Remember?

Bond with your friends at a level you have not yet experienced. Everyone’s unique traits will contribute towards your mission of escaping the room as a single unit. Does your crew have what it takes? Get your team name immortalized for every one to see.  Celebrate with us! 

A Memorable Experience.

Something New & Exciting!

Bonding With Friends and Family.


We welcome private events of all sizes and types. Our spacious lobby is a perfect venue to relax, break the ice, and get friends and strangers mingling. You can book the entire place. 

Please Contact Us For Special Pricing And Special Requests

We have a spacious lobby that customers can use to set up tables with food or decorations. We have lobby puzzles that customers can attempt to solve while other players are in the game. We can add graphics to the TV's as well as incorporate customized clues or puzzles into the game to cater to your request. All customers must supply their own food, drinks and tables. (We do not supply food or beverage. No alcohol allowed.)

We have two 10 ft wooden benches for people to sit on. If you need additional seating you can bring your own chairs as well. Customers have access to a unisex restroom as well as full access to our game and staff. We are more than happy to accommodate any other requests. Any other questions can be answered within 24 hours. We ask that you please give us at least a 24 hour heads up so we can make any necessary changes to accommodate you.